Top 3 Products of NL Shop and how they are useful for all athletes

Grip Socks

Whether you are a professional athlete, an ardent gym fanatic or someone that occasionally enjoys playing a bit of sport, grip socks should be a priority. Between grip, fit and comfort, these socks allow you to move confidently without fear of internal slipping within your boots or shoes. Thus, saving your ankle or knee from injuries and blisters. NL Shop’s socks come in several colours and are thicker than regular socks which adds an extra layer of protection for your most valuable asset as a sportsman or woman – your feet.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are mandatory in the sporting world. With more scientific research showing the benefits of compression athletic-wear, these shorts compress your muscles to keep them supported and help to improve blood circulation. The shorts are not too loose, not too tight and will fit just right for almost everyone. Whether you want to wear it underneath your tracks or football shorts, the waist fitting will not hamper your performance as it is mesh-panelled and made with breathable cloth. The antimicrobial material helps to reduce odour and the moisture-wicking fabric means you will not have to worry about sweat.

One Duffle bag

From the football field to the gym, on flights to day trips, few bags are as simple and as versatile as the One Duffle bag. Spacious enough to hold your clothes, boots, shin guards and even laptop, this bag is ideal for those who are always on-the-go. You will not have to ruffle through your bag or worry about misplacing your valuables due to its multiple chain pockets. Complete with a shoulder handle and two handles, you can carry the bag however it suits your style.

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