Rahbar Khan Sheikh Jamal DC Practice Jersey

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Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Practice Jersey


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10 reviews for Rahbar Khan Sheikh Jamal DC Practice Jersey

  1. Nazibuddin Reza

  2. Muntaha Sami

    Rahbar Khan,one of the best central midfielders in Bangladesh at this moment, I want your practice jersey as a diehard fan.You played your first match against Palestine. Thanks to Jamey Day who found you from Canadian football club. In your first match, you just made me surprised. On that match,you played as a substitute in the 65th minute. You dribbled on that match and won the ball which was so difficult for any footballer because two Palestinian footballers were defending you on that time. You used your inside feet and got the ball out from between two players. On that time, I realized that you will be our next generation engine as a central midfielder. In the club matches, you are very good at through passes. Your passes are so accurate. You are also good at to pass long ball. Even you have assist in the league. As a fan, I think you will be better as a Attacking Midfielder. Because you have got deadly through passes and secondly you are very good at long range shooting because in the match against Basundhara Kings you tried a long range shoot which could be your first goal. In national football team your Jersey number is 19 and in the club your Jersey number is 7. Now you are playing for the Bangladeshi club Sheikh Jamal. However,it is a matter of great sorrow that we are not getting your service in the club as you are injured. Don’t worry, bro. Injury is a part of this game. So don’t be upset. A long journey is waiting for you in the future. Insallah , one day you will be able to be the top scorer in both premiere league and national team. We believe in you.I try to watch all of your matches. Even, I watched your match during my exam days.

  3. Masnad

    Hello brother hope you are doing well. Had been noticing you for a quite long time always wanted to meet you and had been a great fan of yours. I had this belief oneday I would see you playing for our national team and it actually happened .listened many stories about your career and was always inspired by your stories. Have a speedy recovery & Best of luck for your journey and hope to see you winning titles for both club and country !

  4. Mahmudul

    Rahbar khan is one of my favourite player. Wishing you a quick comeback. And I will be really happy if i have your practice kit 🥰🥰

  5. Fathimath Hamsha

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!! You are so talented and missing you on the field 🙁 hope you recover and come back stronger!!

  6. Shabab Islam

    Wish you all the best brother ♥️

  7. Muntaha Sami

    That’s a nice jersey. As a fan, I want it no matter what happens.

  8. Md Tanjim Mostafiz Rifat

    When I heard he is playing for Bangladesh I am egarly waited.. His debut was fantastic. Bangladesh team need him to win each and every match.I hope he will come back strongly Ins sha Allah💕

  9. Md Tanjim Mostafiz Rifat

    যখন শুনি রাহবার ভাই বাংলাদেশের হয়ে খেলবে তখব আর নিজেকে সামলাতে পারি নি।অপেক্ষায় ছিলাম অভিষেকের।দারুণ ছিলো সে মুহূর্ত।মন কেড়ে নিয়েছে সবার।ইনশাআল্লাহ সে ফিরে আসবে আরো শক্তিশালী হয়ে💕

  10. Sazzad


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